Draksum Lake – A holy lake and sacred place in Nyingma Sect

Draksum Lake – A holy lake and sacred place in Nyingma Sect

As one of the most popular tourist destination in Tibet traveling, Draksum Lake located in a precipitous canyon to the east of the Gongbogyamda County, Nyingchi Prefecture. The holy lake is about 90 km away from Gongbogyamda County and 120 km away from Bayi Town. It has already been listed among international tourist spots by the World Tourism Organization in 1997. In 2001, The China National Tourism Administration granted Draksum Lake a title of National4A Tourism Spot. One year later, the holy land was titled as one of the National Forest Park.

Draksum Lake is a pure lake lies in the upper reaches of the Bar River, a tributary of the Yarlung Zangbo River. With an area of more than 4 square kilometers, Draksum Lake lies in a place at an elevation of more than 3700 meters and reaches a depth of 60 meters.

Draksum Lake means “green water” in Tibetan, it’s a famous scenic spot known by its clear green waters and fine views. There you can find snow mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls, ranches, historic sites and scenic old temples. The beautiful scenery varies with the four seasons. A galaxy of rare wild plants gathers in the wonderful paradise. All of these made Draksum Lake a place with the name of “the Switzerland in Tibet”.

Surrounded by grand snow mountains, the waters of Draksum Lake are crystal clear. There is plenty of fish in this lake, while some very rare birds like gulls and white cranes are often splashed in the water. In spring, Various kinds of flowers are in blossom around the lake, with the mysterious snow mountains, make the place a wonderful picture. In autumn, the mountains will turn to red due to the ubiquitous flowers there, the sky appeared extremely blue in the sunshine, these would be very nice to the visitors.

There is an island called Tashi about 100 meters away from the shore. According to the legend, this island has been floating in the lake for a long time. Visitors can get to the island by a wooden raft which is pulled by ferryman with a steel cable linked the two sides. On the island stood an enigmatic monastery which is a Nyingma temple built in the late Tang Dynasty. With a history of more than 1500 years, the temple is dedicated to Guru Rinpoche who is the main founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Many ancient relics such as footmarks made by the war-horse of King Gesar and a platform of water burial can be found nearby. This island is a place full of full of mysteries and surprises.

There is a legendary cave located by a small stream on the south bank of Draksum Lake. Blessed by Guru Rinpoche, this cave is said to have magical powers to the couples who want a baby. In the northwest lies a gigantic stone and at the center of the stone is a hole which can bring healing to people in folklore. On a sand beach not far away, there is a cave where Guru Rinpoche had once practiced meditation. On the west bank, there is a place where King Gesar practiced archery. It’s said that a long belt would appear in the lake on 15th April in Tibetan calendar. Locals believe that the huge belt is a white Hada dedicated to the great king.

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