The top ten most mysterious lakes in Tibet (part 1)

The top ten most mysterious lakes in Tibet (part 1)

There are so many beautiful lakes in Tibet. With the color of deep blue, bluish green, or emerald, each of them like a jewel set in the snow mountains. Legends about these mysterious lakes, which guard this holy land of Buddism eternally, have been handed down in the snow-covered plateau by simple and honest Tibetans.

TOP 10  Lake Raksas Tal

The Lake Raksas Tal means a poisonous black lake in Tibetan. It’s known as “the Ghost Lake”. According to legend, there is a gate connected this mysterious lake and the holy Lake Manasarovar. Unlike the sweet water in the Lake Manasarovar, the water in this ghost lake tastes bitter and astringent. How can be the opposite two things coexist peacefully? It’s said that the surface of the Lake Raksas Tal usually undulates without the wind. All of these made this unearthly lake a place of mysteriousness.

TOP 9 Lhamo La-Tso

As the most legendary lake in Tibet, Lhamo La-Tso is considered to be a lake where the soul of a goddess dwells in by Tibetans. It’s a tradition to augur by the lake to help Buddhists find the All the reincarnation of Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas. It’s said that the lucky ones could have visions of their previous life, the afterlife, and future destiny by gazing at the surface of the lake.

TOP 8 Bangong Lake

Bangong Lake, known as a pure land for birds, is a famous tourist attraction on Ali Plateau of Tibet. Surrounded by continuous snow mountains, the lake which is a paradise for birds located in an area with high altitude, sleep peacefully under the blue sky. The best time to travel in Tibet for bird watching is from May to September. According to local folklore, dragons and monsters once appeared in the lake. This made Bangong Lake be a place of wonder and mystery.

TOP 7 Draksum Lake

Draksum Lake Is also called Basum Tso. It’s revered as a holy lake and a shrine by the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Many old legends about the lake were handed down by locals. To the south of Basum Tso, a cave which had been blessed by Padmasambhava is said to have the miraculous power to treat infertile couples. There is a big rock lies in the northwest of the lake. Locals believe that someone who can get through the central hole could remove their illness and misfortune. Every year on 15 April of Tibetan calendar, a long white belt dedicated to King Gesar is allegedly emerging on the bottom of the lake.

TOP 6 Zhari Namco

In Tibetan folklore, Zhari Namco was a land where a big nomadic tribe resided. All the herdsmen there collected water from a small well and they had been told by Some Lamas lived nearly that do remember to cover the well after every time they fetched water. Unfortunately, one day a countrywoman forgot this rule and when she came back to the well, a huge golden fish was churning in the water and bellowing. This demon by the name of Zhari Namco said, if I haven’t been pinned down by the four mountains, I have long since ascended. In the meanwhile, water poured out from the well and soon flooded their villages. At this juncture, Guru Padmasambhava arrived with aureole and stopped the water from spewing out. Today the relic site could still be found on the south bank of Zhari Namco.

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