The top ten most mysterious lakes in Tibet (part 2)

The top ten most mysterious lakes in Tibet (part 2)

TOP 5 ser gling mtsho

As the largest salt water lake in Tibet, ser gling mtsho covers an area of 1,640 square kilometers. There is a legend that a devil called ser gling devoured tens of thousands of creatures every day in the west of Lhasa in Tibet. There was nothing the people could do to stop the demon so everyone there chose to bend to the evil being. Finally, Guru Rinpoche who drove out evil spirits all the way came in a morning after the thunderstorm. He chased ser gling and forced this monster into a vast and murky lake. Then this great master said to ser gling that you’re allowed to escape from the lake and savage aquatic life there, be penitent for all your past crime and atone for your sin all your life! Then Guru Rinpoche named the lake ser gling mtsho which means a lake where ser gling resident.

TOP 4 Lake Tangra Yumco

Located in Nagqu Prefecture of Tibet, Lake Tangra Yumco is the largest holy lake in Bonismo and the top 3 holy lakes all around Tibet. The surface of the lake likes a Vajra which is a blessed instrument to defeat the devil and is said to have the ability to change into three different colors in a single day. According to legend, Lake Tangra Yumco once was a lake full of evil. It became a sacred place after the first prince in Zhangzhung beat down the devils in the lake. There are 7 mountains sit on the south bank of the lake like a row of the pyramids, this made Lake Tangra Yumco more beautiful and divine.

TOP 3 Lake Manasarovar

According to local folklore, Lake Manasarovar is a place where the palace of the dragon god situated at. A great number of treasures were hidden at the bottom of the lake. Locals believe that anyone who catches a fish in the lake or picks up a stone there could live a very happy life. Buddhists hold that the water in this lake could wash away the five poisons in one’s mind (greed, be angry, be stupid, languor, and envy) and lead the soul back to innocence.

TOP 2 YamdrokTso

As one of the top 3 holy lakes in Tibet, YamdrokTso was created by a goddess in Tibetan legend. Once upon a time, a rich family lived there when the lake was just a spring. One day a servant of the family saved a goldfish in this spring. To his surprise, the fish turned to a beautiful girl and gave him a precious gift in return. Unfortunately, the rich man heard about it and forced the servant to reach the spring to search for the girl. However, they find nothing there and the rich man killed the servant by pushing him into the spring. Then the girl appeared and turned into the flood to punish the rich man. From then on, the lake has been formed.

TOP 1 Lake Namtso

According to legend, Namtso is a goddess of the heavenly lake and the daughter of Indra. The water from the lake tastes wonderful and sweet. His husband, Nyenchenthanglha is the most powerful god in the northern grassland of Tibet. They loved each other very much until death. They watched over their land together and blessed people there from generation to generation.

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