Top ten hidden attractions in Tibet traveling (part 1)

Top ten hidden attractions in Tibet traveling (part 1)

With an area of more than 1,200,000 square kilometers, Tibet is a vast land full of beauty and mystery. Tens of millions of travelers come there for a great trip every year. There are so many world-famous attractions such as the Potala Palace, Mount Kailash and Lake Namtso in this holy land. However, some less well-known tourist spots are also good choices for you. Today we will introduce the Top10 hidden attractions for you, each of them has a unique charm and waits for you to discover!

Top1. Shuanghu

Located to the northwest of Lhasa in Tibet, Shuanghu is a county belongs to Nagqu Prefecture of Tibet. It got its name from two lakes. One is Kangmuru Lake and the other one is Rejiao Lake. With an average elevation of more than 5,000 meters, Shuanghu is a paradise for the adventurers. There you can find Kunlun, the holiest mountain in Chinese myth and Purog Kangri which is the third largest glacier in the world. Besides, there are several beautiful lakes and various kinds of precious wild animals such as Tibetan antelope, Snow Leopard, and fox in this area.

Top2. Tangra Yumco

Located at the north foot of the Mount Kailash, Tangra Yumco is one of the top 3 holy lakes in Tibet and the largest lake worshiped by those who believe in Bon. Along with a row of 7 pyramid-shaped mountains stand on the east bank, the lake is revered as the sanctum where God lives. With a depth of more than 210 meters, Tangra Yumco is the deepest lake in Tibet. It’s said that the water of the lake could transform into three different colors. The Zhangzhung, an ancient civilization which the Bon religion origin from, had built its palace near the lake. Today you can still find the ruins of the lost kingdom when you on a tour to the north of Tibet.

Top3. Zhari Valley

Zhari Valley is a beautiful place in Lhokha Prefecture. You need to pass through snowy mountains and experience variable weather when you come to Lhokha from Lhasa. Zharigou varies widely in seasons. When spring comes, the valley is overgrown with azaleas in various colors like yellow, red and pink. You may think that all your efforts have been rewarded when you step in the ocean of flowers.

Top4. Lebu Valley
Lebu valley is a famous tourist site hidden in Cuona County, Lhokha. Lebu means a wonderful place in Tibetan. Located in a great canyon in the east of the Himalayas, the valley is a place full of beautiful scenery and special species. There is said to be a place where Guru Rinpoche had practice Buddhism. When you stand in front of a waterfall nearby, you may feel the touch of the Gods and pure spirits.

Top5. Gyirong Valley

Situated to the south of Gyirong county at a distant of 70 km, Gyirong valley is the most famous Forest Scenic Spot in the Everest Nature Reserve. Gyirong is not only a place of splendid natural scenery, but also an ancient town connected China, India, Nepal and some other countries. According to Tibetan folklore, the Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti who married Tubo King Songtsen Gampo was also pass Gyirong to Lhasa.

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