Top ten hidden attractions in Tibet traveling (part 2)

Top ten hidden attractions in Tibet traveling (part 2)

Top6. Nagqu Skeleton Wall

Located in Biru County of Nagqu Prefecture, the Skulls Wall in Dharma Monastery is a weird relic unknown to most of those who want a travel to Tibet. The wall has been formed by a great number of human skulls which were the remains from celestial burial. In Tibetan tradition, every inch of the dead should devote to the hawks, the messengers of Gods in Tibetan culture, to wash away their sins and lift up their souls to heaven. It’s a mystery to us why the skulls have been well kept there. The unique view there attracts numerous of visitors who have an indissoluble bond with the land On the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. You could pay a visit to this solemn and respectful site when you are on a Tibet trip.

Top7. Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso is an international lake shared by China and India. with an elevation of 4,240 meters, this nature park is the highest land for birds in the world. Situated in a remote county of the Ngari Prefecture, Pangong Tso is a nice place with enchanting scenes. Surrounded by giant snow mountains, the water of the lake is extremely pure and presented dark green, light green and dark blue in the different situation. This virgin land is a paradise for birds because it’s a less-known area to the tourists. It’s really strange that the eastern part of the lake is filled with fresh water, while the water in western part tastes salty and bitter. According to local folklore, dragons and monsters have been witnessed living in the lake. The legend adds more mysterious color to the lake.

Top8. Lake Puma Yumco

Puma Yumco means the Flying Sapphire and tears of a girl in the Tibetan language. It’s about 210 km to the southeast of Lhasa. Located on the North Slope of the main ridge of Himalayas, Lake Puma Yumco is the highest large-scale fresh water lake all over the world. It’s surrounded by great mountains, most of which are at a height of more than 6,000 meters. The water there comes from melting snow of the holy mountain Kula Kangri at an altitude of 7,600 meters and runs toward the east for famous Yamdrok Lake.

Top9. Yadong

Yadong County lies in the middle part of the Himalayas. It’s rich in natural resources as well as some cultural relics. The most famous tourist spots there including Yadong Valley which is called the beautiful water town in Tibet and Kangbu Hot spring, one of the top 3 most popular hot spring in Shigatse Prefecture. Besides, tourists can enjoy the wonderful view of beautiful lakes, snow mountains, vast grasslands and some ancient temples.

Top10. Zhangmu Valley

Located to the southeast of Shishapangma, Zhangmu valley is known for its excellent natural landscapes. It is the southernmost natural reserve and the largest treaty port in Tibet. You could enjoy the fine views along the road such as the soaring mountains, clear streams, and a variety of rare flowers. When the rainy season comes, magnificent waterfalls and surging water could be heart-shaking views for you.

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