Lhasa Travel Advice

Lhasa Travel Advice

When planning a trip to Lhasa, you need to know the weather in Lhasa,  the beat travel time to Lhasa and what you can do in Lhasa. Here would give you some tips for travelling to Lhasa.

Located on the roof of the world, Lhasa, a holy city of China attracted hundreds of thousand people every year with its historic sites and profound Buddhist culture.

How to Get to Lhasa

The transportation in Lhasa is convenient, tourists can get to Lhasa by air, by road and by train. Among those three options, taking a train to Lhasa was supposed to be the best choice, because, on the way to Lhasa, tourists can appreciate the most magnificent landscapes. Meanwhile, getting to Lhasa by air is also an excellent choice for tourists who wanna a comfortable and time-saving way. If you have adequate time, taking the bus to Lhasa may give you an opportunity to enjoying the wonderful scenery of nature.

What  Should Be Noticed When Traveling In Lhasa

If you are going to travel in Tibet, there are some things you should keep in mind. Firstly, you should evaluate if your health is suitable for this tour. Due to the high altitude of Lhasa, many tourists may suffer the altitude sickness. A light altitude sickness does nothing serious to the trip, however, a heavy altitude sickness may cut the trip off. To avoid this situation, before you travel in Tibet, you are suggested having an over though physical examination to see whether you have anaemia, hypertension, heart trouble or illness of lungs, liver or kidney or not. Otherwise, the first day arriving in Lhasa, you should have an adequate rest to adjust the high altitude. Secondly, choosing an appropriate travel agency is necessary when planning a trip to Tibet, because independent travel is not allowed to Tibet. The only way is to work with travel agencies. The travel agency, like The Great Tibet Tour, owned by natives and hires Tibetan guides only is the best choice for tourists.

The Best Time To Visit Lhasa  

Located at such a high altitude, Lhasa has a mild climate which means there won’t be extremely hot in summer or extremely cold in winter. You can visit Tibet all the years round. However, the best period to visit Tibet is from  June to September, the rainy months in Tibet. It rains mostly at night while sunny in the day. Since the great variation in temperature day and night, tourists should prepare some warm clothes to keep warm at night meanwhile bring a sunglasses, suntan oil and sun-hat to avoid the ultraviolet.

What to do in Lhasa

1. Visiting some historic sites in Lhasa.

When traveling to Lhasa, you can visit some historic architectures. Potala Palace still remains a world-famous symbol of the enigmatic power of politics and religion is a place you don’t wanna to miss in the Tibet tour. Located in the centre of Lhasa, as one of the magic parts of Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, the ultimate pilgrimage destination for Tibetan Pilgrims, is another place worthy of visiting. There are still lots of historic sites in Lhasa worthy of travelling, you can learn more info at greattibet.com.

2. Shopping in Barkhor Street

If you wanna keep a memory of your Tibet travel, you can buy some special Tibet souvenirs in Barkhor, the most prosperous street in Lhasa,  brimming with diverse local products and such as Tibetan rugs or carpets, Tibetan incense, aweto, silver ornaments and Tangkar. Besides Tangkar Studio and shops beside Tibetan Museum also are popular shopping street in Lhasa.

3.Dining in some awesome Tibet restaurants

When travelling to Lhasa, you don’t need to worry about the food. The food in Lhasa is so delicious with lots of choices available of Tibetan cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Nepalese and western style food. What you need to do is find a suitable restaurant and enjoy the food. Tibetan Restaurants, Ethnic Restaurant and Snow-Deity Palace Tibetan Style Restaurant are good options for you.

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