How to get to Tibet?

How to get to Tibet?

Way up in the towering and blistering snowy mountains of the Himalayas, a small and mysterious land exists and regarded as a holy land, center of the universe, heart of the world and even the soul of the Earth itself. Tibet is a part of a huge powerhouse country, which is China, but it has an autonomous status; which means that the land has its own laws, history and culture, which are quite different from the other parts of China. The state is bordering Nepal, Bhutan and India. One could say that the place is considered to be of where the god chose to live since it is protected by the highest mountains in the world, and is the place where the most unique pattern of society, art and even philosophy was formed, moreover, it is a center of religion which attracts thousands upon thousands of pious man of belief, let alone the breath-taking scenery, Tibet can be easily called “paradise”.

How to get there?

Getting to Tibet is easy and is only a plane ride away from the nearest Chinese major cities like Beijing and Chengdu, but the challenge is getting an entry permit for you to enter Tibet. Foreign citizens, Chinese living abroad with no Chinese passports and Taiwanese citizens are required to get this travel permit beforehand, because this will be needed to be presented on the trains stations, airport, hotels and even just entering Tibet itself. If you are from Hong Kong or Macau there is no need to worry, but if you are one of those mentioned above it will take a few steps to fully enjoy your Tibet trips. First off, you need to find an official and certified China-based travel agency to take care of everything for you, which can’t be processed by yourself and the agency needs to do this for you, so getting a trusted agency is a MUST, and in addition to these, foreigners are not allowed to wander off Tibet alone, you must have a tour guide with you ALL THE TIME. Interested applicants need to first find a Tibet travel agency and then will be provided with the itinerary which will be displayed on your permit, a valid Chinese visa and finally your passport that must be valid for at least 6 months. When you already have your requirements ready you should send them to your travel agency at least 15 working days before your trip. Approval rate for permits are high if you have completed all of the necessary requirements and sent them ahead of time, especially if you plan to travel via airways, this is due to the fact that original permits must be presented during boarding, thus the permits should be mailed to you and this might take up some time.

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