Tibet Travel Things You Should Know

Tibet Travel Things You Should Know

Tibet leaves a picturesque impression on human beings in the world. There, devotional monks, continuous mountains, tranquil lakes, blue skies, white snow and marvelous buildings mix with each other. However, in fact, the reality of modern Tibet is still an unveiling myth for most people in the world. Traveling to Tibet is not easy,  because the open time of the border is always shorter than the close time. But if you know some things before your Tibet Travel, you will have a pleasant journey.

1.The area of Tibet is huge. From a Chinese map, it is said that Tibet is small. However, in fact, the size of Tibet is huge and is equal to the two-thirds size of Western Europe. It will take a traveler’s an age to leave one place to another.

2.Tibet is just the TAR. TAR (Tibetan Autonomous Region) is the known by all over the world. But for local Tibetans, they call it “Greater Tibet” which including Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu, and Qinghai provinces. Almost 2.9 million Tibetans live in Greater Tibet, and the size of it is twice as much as the TAR.

3.The Roof of the World. The average height is 13,000 feet. The railway, road, lake, and mountain are the highest in the world.

4.In Tibet, the oxygen is less and only occupies 40%. It will increase the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity for tourists when visiting Tibet. Thus, altitude sickness is common when tourists are adapting the environment. The best way to cure the altitude sickness is to descend.

5.Yaks in Tibet. Yak is the symbol of Tibetan animal. Nowadays, yaks are in danger, and the number is only 15,000.

6.In 1950, Tibet was independent. You can learn from the books that Tibet belongs to China for thousands of years. In fact, about this question, Tibet and China have a hot debate for many years. Until 1950, Tibet becomes a part of China.

7.Tibet has a great attraction for most tourists at home and abroad. However, each year, many Tibetans are trying to flee away from the border. Those who want to flee away will be imprisoned by the governmental punishment. Some are shot and some are under military surveillance by the border policeman. It’s not allowed to take a photo of the Dalai Lama or the flag of Tibet. Do not speak out the words “Bo rangzen” which means “Free Tibet”  or you will be arrested and be punished.

8.Although Tibet is a place of covering oppression, you can still travel in Tibet reassuringly. The situation can be better only by doing it. By this way, you can make a contribution to have a better effect on this kind of situation. As a Dalai Lama says: it’s necessary for tourists to travel Tibet, and then they could tell the world about it.

Tibet is a unique place with the clear sky, tranquil lake, grand mountain, and picturesque scenery. Here, you can have a new experience which can’t be found in other places. I promise that you won’t be regret to travel in Tibet.

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