Tibet Travel Advice

Tibet Travel Advice

For most travelers, traveling to Tibet is a great challenge because of lacking information and preparation. In fact, if travelers have known about Tibet travel and do some plan in advance, they will have no problems when traveling to Tibet.

Tibet Tour Plan

You’d better book your Tibet tour from a professional tour agency. Because your tour agency will help you book the hotel, apply for some permits and other documents. The process of the Tibet Travel Permit is very complex. The days of the application are about tens of days (depend on your destination). So you must book your Tibet in advance.

Tibet Travel Permit

International travelers are not allowed to travel to Tibet alone. If they want to have a Tibet tour, they must book a tour agency. Only with the help of your tour agency, the obligatory document – Tibet Travel Permit can be applied for. Without this Tibet Travel Permit, you can not board the train station or airport, even check in a hotel.

Tibet Tour Time

If you are worried about the oxygen content on the Tibetan Plateau, you can travel to Tibet from May to October. During this time, the climate in Tibet is fine and the oxygen content is the maximum. Because this is the peak season of Tibet travel, the costs will be the highest. If you want to have a budget Tibet group tour, you can travel to Tibet in a low season.


The temperature in Tibet varies differently. In the daytime, the temperature is can reach above ten degrees, while at night, the temperature drops below zero degrees. What’s more, the temperature can be very low at the high altitude places. Thus, you must bring some warm clothes when you travel to Tibet. In Tibet, the ultraviolet rays are very strong because of the fewer clouds. So, you should bring sunglasses and sun cream in case of exposing your skins. The air in Tibet is dry, you’d better bring a lip cream. Besides those, you also need to bring a pair of shoes, dry food, and altitude sickness medicine.

Choice of Transportation

If you are worried about the high altitude sickness before getting to Tibet, you can take a Tibet train. Taking a Tibet train can make you slowly adapt to the high altitude sickness on the long journey. Nowadays, the oxygen is equipped with the train. When you feel uncomfortable, you can use the facility. Taking air to Tibet is a fast and convenient way. But it’s bad for passengers to adapt to the high altitude sickness in a short time. You can take airplanes back to your country because you may be very tired after a long journey. There is one point that you need to notice. The train ticket is hard to book. You must book it in advance or ask help for your tour agency.

Tibet Attractions

Lots of scenic spots are worth being visited, such as the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, the Drepung Monastery, the Lake Yamdrok and the Mt. Everest.


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