How to Get to Tibet from Shanghai

How to Get to Tibet from Shanghai

The Reason Why Travel to Tibet from Shanghai

Located in the east of China, Shanghai plays an important role in traveling to Chinese cities for international tourists. As a holy and mysterious province of China, Tibet has attracted millions of travelers at home and abroad. Every year, lots of them travel to Tibet from Shanghai because of its convenient transportation and thriving tourism. You can have one day tour in Shanghai before setting foot in Tibet. There are lots of famous scenic spots on this popular gateway including the Bund, Oriental TV Tower, Shanghai Nanjing Road, Shanghai Museum and Expo Site.

There are three main ways to get to Tibet from Shanghai.

Way One: Travel to Tibet from Shanghai by Train

If you want to travel to Tibet from Shanghai by train, you need to arrive at the Shanghai Train Station before 20:10 because the daily train will leave for Tibet at this time. It will take you more than forty-five hours to get to Tibet, thus, you will arrive in Tibet on the third day. Along the train road, you will visit the different views in eight Chinese provinces, which is an interesting journey. When you come back to Shanghai from Tibet, you can take Z166 at 11:05.

There are three kinds of train tickets for travelers to book. The first is the soft sleeper berth with four berths in a cabin. The second is the hard sleeper berth with six berths in a cabin. The third is the hard seat. It’s a long journey from Shanghai to Tibet, so you’d better book the soft berth train ticket unless you will feel very tired when arriving in Tibet. Besides that, you must book the train tickets in advance because the demand always exceeds the supply, especially in the peak season of Tibet tours.

Way Two: Travel to Tibet from Shanghai by Air

The number of the direct flights from Shanghai to Lhasa is three, and China Eastern Airline, Tibet Airline, and Air China are available for travelers. If you get to Tibet from Shanghai, you will take seven hours because it will stop in Chengdu or Xi’an for one hour. Besides the direct flights, you can also transfer another flight in Chengdu, Xi’an or Kunming. Taking flights to Tibet from Shanghai is the best way for those travelers who want to save time.

Way Three: Travel to Tibet from Shanghai by Air and Train

There is another way for travelers who want to take both train and flight. Firstly, you will take a fight to Xining from Shanghai. The duration of the flight is about three hours and twenty-five minutes. After arriving at Xining airport, you will start your Tibet train tour. You will be stunned by the beautiful views along the railway. The whole distance between Xining and Lhasa is about one thousand two hundred and thirty-three miles.

Considering your own tour time and tour costs, you can choose one way which mentioned before to get to Tibet from Shanghai.

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