Tips on Traveling Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan

Tips on Traveling Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan

Everyone of you has heard stories about the natural beauty of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Not only stories, you must have also read blogs and watched videos where you got to know about the eye-catchy sights of the Himalayas that can only be viewed from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. If you fancy giving a trip to these exotic places, this article is here to guide you. Read on and learn some important tips that must not be missed out when planning a trip to Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal.

Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan Travel Tips

1. Find a trusted travel agency to program your tour.

Important to note that the governments of both Tibet and Bhutan follow certain tourism regulations that require the tourists to travel through a travel agency only. So you must find a reputed travel agency that can arrange everything required for the trip, including Tibet travel permits, Bhutan travel permit and visas.

2. Book your flight to Kathmandu, Nepal

Once you have fixed the date for the trip, start looking for flight to Kathmandu, Nepal. If you have ever been to Delhi, India, you will be happy to know that the connection is simpler than that. Plan to spend at least two office days in Kathmandu prior to moving into Bhutan or Tibet. If you are wondering where to go first and how to plan an itinerary, it is recommended to visit Bhutan first, then to Nepal and finally to Tibet. This is because it takes a bit time to issue visa for Tibet. You are allowed to travel inside Nepal as your passport is being issued at the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu.

3. Pack Your Bag with required accessories
Don’t forget to take a good quality camera, backpack, or a duffel bag. Pack your hiking boots, sneakers and compatible outfits for all type of weather (both cold and hot) aside packing with your other personal things. As you will travel more than 2,000 m, it’s a must to pack thermal wear, warm fleece and windproof/waterproof jacket considering the season and monsoon.

4. Get an Indian transit visa

If you are taking a transit in India, you may need an Indian transit visa if you plan to use more than one Indian domestic airports. It’s a must-do to learn the general traveling rules of India prior to your journey.

5. Obtain Multi-visa entry

It’s possible to obtain visa at Nepal upon arrival. Just ensure that you have your passport size pictures with you. Because you will visit Tibet and Bhutan as well, opt out multiple-entry visa.

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